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Exceeding consumer demands

Today’s retail sector is rapidly evolving. From growing consumer demand for omnichannel retail experiences to consumer’s high expectations for fast fashion, retail suppliers must be able to adapt at an unprecedented pace.

Khyber Shippers understands these ever-changing trends because this is our every-day reality. It is our job to stay cognizant of the nuanced changes in policy rules and regulations that determine how your product reaches its desired market. And although Khyber shipper’s expertise cannot control retail trends, we can add a sense of control to your supply-chain. After all, delivering Peace of Mind is what we do



Today’s online consumers have more choice than ever before. If problems arise, another brand or retailer is only a mouse-click away. In order to thrive, it is essential to work with a dependable logistics partner that can deliver your goods in a timely manner and provide a seamless consumer experience.

Let our experience at the border ensure you always get the lowest rates on duty and taxes, eliminate Cash On Delivery from your business lexicon and maintain competitive pricing.

retail consumer