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Customs Consulting

Paying import duties on goods is a serious responsibility when managing the monetary success of your business. Penalties due to the misclassification of tariff codes or incorrect product valuation can lead to significant monetary payouts on customs back duty. Our Consulting team can help you avoid penalties and in some cases, receive refunds. Our qualified professionals can provide exact rates on import and export duties that will eliminate penalties and prepare your organization for post verification audits. 

Our Consultants have expertise in trade compliance. Our qualified professionals can provide importers with the precise classification of their goods, guidance on origin determination and the valuation of imported goods. The accuracy of the classification directly affects your duty payments. A correct classification mitigates the risk of potential penalty exposure and overpaying duties and taxes.

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Classification: Accurate Duty Payments

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) classifies every item in existence. Properly classifying an item’s tariff code and the rate for import duties is an extensive process requiring specialists with years of experience.